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The documents/forms are PDF, unless otherwise stated. As long as you have the right software (see below) they should open when you click on the link. If there is a problem opening them, please make sure you have latest version of pdf reader and try downloading them to your computer and opening from there (in Windows, usually achieved with "right mouse click" on link and "save as")

If you cannot open the files you will need to download PDF viewer to read these documents - such as Adobe's free Reader - download link (for alternatives see: Wikipedia: PDF software) or email us and we forward them to you

Word docx format requires Microsoft Word or an alternative application able to read them (See Wikipedia, e.g. Open source LibreOffice


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Please Note: We are not responsible for the content of external Internet sites, if you find a problem with the links, please report it to us)

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The National Sedan Chair Rally
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The National Sedan Chair Rally

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