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We have tried to make this site as accessible as possible. If you find anything that is causing you accessibility issues please feel free to contact us

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The site is best viewed using resolution of 1024x768 (or greater), however you should be able to view most of the site comfortably at lower resolutions - a few pages might require sideways scrolling to see the images.


The site should work with all the latest mainstream browsers and for the majority display OK for recent older versions. If you are having trouble, then check you have the latest version and upgrade if you can. Alternatively try Fire Fox or Opera (Windows)

Old Versions of Internet Explorer There are problems with the site for IE7 and below- you should be able to see most of the information, but it will look a bit of mess at the moment, sorry.

Javascript The site users Javascript, including the jQuery library, for things like menus and effects. Where possible it will fall back things like css hover menus. Hopefully this will be enough to see everything if you wish to browse without Javascript.

Personal Details

The site stores no personal information by default, but in common with all servers it keeps logs which may include such things as your IP address and browser information. If you are registered with our mailing lists, then your email address is stored in the system to allow us send the emails out. We will not voluntary disclose these to any third party for any purpose (except law enforcement).

If any other part of site needs your details (such as online application form), then it will be clearly stated on the pages what the use is for (it will only be Sedan Chair Rally related). We will make every effort to ensure details are properly protected.

Adverts or pop-up Windows

The site should have no adverts (unless we find a sponsor, then there will be a sponsor link) or pop-up windows, if you are experiencing any of these, then please ensure your PC is clean of all adware and spyware.
There are free tools for removing these - do not install anything without doing some research on the tools (Enter the application's/company's name in google and google groups is a good place to start), especially as some of the paid for ones are not all they seem.

If you are still experiencing problems, then please Contact Us.

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photo from rally start
The National Sedan Chair Rally
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The National Sedan Chair Rally

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