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National Sedan Chair Rally Newsletter Ė September 2013

Welcome to the 3rd National Sedan Chair Rally newsletter of 2013. We hope youíve all heard of us by now, but just in case you havenít, the Rally is a weekend activity camp for Explorer Scouts, Scout Network, Senior Section Guides and Sea Rangers, and will be taking place at PACCAR Scout Camp.

Building your chair

So, thereís just over a month until this yearís Rally! We hope youíre all looking forward to it and are well on the way to completing your sedan chairs! What? You havenít started yet!!! Donít worry, itís not as hard as it looks Ė get your hands on an old ladder, stick a plastic chair on top (snap the legs off first!), then itís just the decoration and costumes to worry about. Cardboard, chicken mesh, paper mashe and a bit of paintÖ.. the more topical your theme, the better! Hereís some pictures to give you some inspiration:

Pre-order your t-shirts and meal deals

On the following page there are order forms for pre-ordering t-shirts and meal deals. Remember, get your orders in before Saturday 5th October if you want to be sure of getting a t-shirt in your chosen size and for just £6 (£7 at the event itself), and if you want our very own GBH Snack Bar to take care of all your catering needs over the weekend for a very reasonable £15 per head. - Application Forms (on page 2)

Shuttle bus to and from PACCAR and local stations

Remember, if youíre thinking of coming by train, we can pick you up from Chalfont and Latimer, or Gerrards Cross stations, but youíll need to let us know in advance so we can plan for numbers and timing. Still not sure? We realise that going to a weekend camp isnít cheap and takes a lot of organising, but the Sedan Chair Rally is an excellent opportunity to attend a National event, make new friends and have a great, action packed weekend. And by keeping the cost as low as possible and providing pre-booked catering, we hope weíre making things as easy for you and your teams as possible. If thereís anything else we can do to help you make it to the Rally, please let us know. We look forward to seeing you at PACCAR!

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