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Conditions for entry to the Rally.

To ensure that the Rally remains fully enjoyable for everyone involved we have a few simple conditions for entry:

  • The rally is open to all Explorer Scout Units, Scout Network, Ranger Guide Units and Sea Ranger Crews.
  • All people attending shall be members of the appropriate association or in the process of joining.
  • Every Unit/Crew shall have a warranted leader present at all times during the weekend. (Scout Network teams will appoint a “Team Leader” to act as focal point).
  • Teams are required to arrive and depart in uniform (top half minimum) thank you.

The Sedan Chair Rally Committee would like to remind all participants that they have a responsibility to behave in an appropriate manner, befitting members of the Scout, Guide or Sea Ranger associations, whilst at this official national Scouting event. Leaders must take responsibility for the behaviour of their units and themselves, particularly in the evenings on the camping field.

This year you will be given the opportunity to choose to camp in a quiet area of the field when you sign in at reception. Whilst we do not want to restrict our participants' fun in the evenings, we appreciate that some units have different ideas of "fun" to others, so we are trialling this new approach and hope that it will be successful in making the camping experience enjoyable for all.

photo from rally start
The National Sedan Chair Rally
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The National Sedan Chair Rally

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