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What is a Sedan Chair?

Historically - A "Sedan Chair" is a vehicle supported by two poles. Two people would carry the vehicle and a third would sit inside. For those interested some history: Georgian Index and on Wikipedia. (external links - see below)

Sedan Chairs for the Race

We are more generous, you can use up to six people to carry one person in the chair. The chairs take the form of a themed fancy dress and will be judged on several topics. The team has free choice of theme, but remember that points are awarded for the theme and how well the theme is implemented.

Best Designed - The chair should be designed to be carried complete around a cross country course. Remember that the chair's occupant must be in the chair at all times while in motion. The prize will go to the team with the best designed chair including a theme (i.e. not a simple frame).

Most Topical - The theme judged most topical at the time - remember that this is judged on the chair and effort to show the theme.

Best Dressed Team - Team's costumes will be judged on design and co-ordination with the chair's theme.

Best Finishing - The chair that finishes in the best condition including its theme design.

Fastest - The quickest team to complete the course.

Race winners- The team with the most points from the checkpoints and race.

Overall Winners

This is the team which collect's the most points overall.

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The National Sedan Chair Rally
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The National Sedan Chair Rally

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